Masque 105

Treat your skin to the purifying, clarifying effects of this natural triple clay mask that tightens pores and purifies skin for a balanced glow. With an earthy green color and an aromatic scent, this weekl treatment decongests and oxygenates the complexion. This version is perfectly suited to the delicate nature of dry or sensitive skin and helps to prevent blackheads and the buildup of impurities.

  •  Tightens pores and purifies the skin
  •  Decongests the skin leaving it oxygenated 
  •  Ideal for dry/sensitive skin
  •  Prevents blackheads and buildup

Phyto 52

The multi-function firming cream. This refined, fast-absorbing night cream has a powerful rosemary base that restores firmness and oxygenates to tone the skin, shape the face, invigorate the complexion, ad share its phyto-aromatic benefits to the whole body.

  •  Improves firming and invigorates complexion
  •  Aromatic benefits 
  •  Fast-absorbing night cream